Dubai Discoveries
France / 2003 / French dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 117 minutes
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Krimo, 15, is bored with life on his rundown estate in the Paris suburbs, until he catches sight of a beautiful classmate, Lydia, rehearsing her lines for a school play, Marivaux's seventeenthcentury love story, <I>The Game of Love and Chance</I>. Krimo decides to woo his dream girl by joining the cast, and a real-life game of love and chance begins. Kechiche's second film, shot on location using energetic, non-professional actors, won five Césars (the French Oscars) earlier this year. He finds new ways of looking at life in modern France in this vibrant cinematic adventure, catching the spirit of youth with a hand-held camera, often in close-up.


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