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Tunisia / 2005 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 107 minutes
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Tunisian filmmaker Salma Baccar deals with a difficult topic as her heroine, Zakia (Rabia Ben Abdallah), endures emotional dilemmas and finds new hope. Zakia's husband has neglected her in favour of a man and it is clear that he understands the pain he has caused her. At the same time she must cope with the teenage daughter who wants nothing to do with her and holds her responsible for the marriage split. Drugs are her escape route, but one that leads to addiction and an asylum, where her destiny keeps evolving. The film is a crowd-pleasing melodrama, with sentimental treatment and old-fashioned direction. Yet it is nicely geared to its audience's emotions, and the heroine's ups and downs are surprising. Its bleak images will be tough for children and it includes mild nudity.


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