Muhr AsiaAfrica Feature
Iran / 2009 / Farsi dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 93 minutes

Winner of Muhr AsiaAfrica / Feature /Special Jury Prize: Mohammad Rasoulof (Director)

Winner of Muhr AsiaAfrica / Feature /Best Actor: Hasan Pourshirazi (Actor / Actress)

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Rahmat travels from island to island, as he has done for years, to collect the tears of those who are grieving. While the island-dwellers willingly give up the products of their mourning to Rahmat, quite what he does with the carefully-collected tears is unclear. On one of his journeys, a young boy stows away, determined to learn the secret of Rahmat's activities. Together they encounter the strange and sometimes cruel customs of the islands. These are customs that permit no deviance - and these mystical travelers soon find themselves in a world of trouble.


Drama, Fantasy

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