Contemporary World Cinema
USA / 2005 / English dialogue with Unknown subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 107 minutes
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Newlyweds George (Alessandro Nivola), a Southern boy, and sophisticated city girl Madeleine (Emberth Davidtz) travel from Chicago to North Carolina to meet a reclusive painter whose work Madeleine wants to acquire for her gallery. The journey takes them near George's home town and they stay in his family's house. This scenario enables Phil Morrison to paint a subtle and compelling picture of family, individual lives and the contrasts between town and country. He allows events and emotions to play out gently, supported by sterling acting, not least from Amy Adams as George's loving, talkative sister-in-law. The <I>New York Times </I>rightly described the film as "a wise bittersweet beautifully acted comedy… a small revelation that lingers in a region Hollywood movies visit all too seldom".


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