Cinema of AsiaAfrica
Malaysia / 2012 / English, Malay dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 116 minutes


In Malay, “hanyut” means drifting and that's a rough translation. If language is elusive, culture must be even more elusive. Based on Joseph Conrad's Almayer's Folly, in which Almayer's desire for his daughter (from a marriage with a Malay woman) to be accepted as a European woman in European society is the central idea, the film shifts the perspective to the Malay wife, and the debate continues on what it means to be Malay. Every character from the British colonialists, the Dutch incumbents, the Malay natives to the Arab traders, wants to see the world in their own image. A rare epic film from Malaysia, HANYUT is an even rarer cultural document.



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