Cinema for Children
India / 2012 / Hindi dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 80 minutes


In a small town in central India, everyone is obsessed with kite-flying. The sky is a sea of kites and none flies as high or as fast as Kali, the black kite. Gattu, a little street child, harbours dreams of defeating Kali but fails. His only hope to vanquish the mighty Kali is to reach the rooftop of the local school, but to reach his vantage point, the little illiterate boy must pretend to be a student in the school. In this delightful tale of an indomitable spirit that has emerged as a festival favourite, Gattu rises to the challenges set before him!


Children's Film, Drama, Family, Fiction, Sport

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Suitable for all Ages (G)

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