Cinema for Children
France / 2009 / English dialogue / Colour / DigiBeta / 80 minutes


Natanaël, seven, still doesn't know how to read! Not particularly bothered by this state of affairs, matters are brought to a head when he receives a very special gift - an inheritance of priceless old storybooks, bequeathed to him by his eccentric old aunt. Too lazy to read the books himself, Nat's parents decide the boy is beyond caring. And soon decide to break up the library and sell them off. But Nat dramatically discovers that the legendary characters found within the ancient pages - ranging from Alice (of 'Wonderland') to Peter Pan will vanish if the collection is split up. Shrunken to miniature size by a conflicted witch, Nat finds himself suddenly in the magical world of fairy tales and on a thrilling, suspenseful adventure to save his new friends and restore them to their rightful state. With a gorgeous musical score, this colourful and delightfully fashioned animation is a wonderful romp through the classics of children's literature in a thoroughly contemporary and exciting story.



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Suitable for all Ages (G)

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