Canada / 2002 / English dialogue with Unknown subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 103 minutes
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Set in Toronto, This funny romantic drama begins with Handsome, wealthy Rahul in the throes of breaking the last promise he'd given his late father: he's become engaged to a white pop star instead of choosing an Indian girl closer to his roots. Rahul's family believes that no one is more Indian than Indians living abroad; in truth, their lifestyle is a hodge-podge of traditions from home, British colonial customs, and North American pop culture. When Rahul's girlfriend dies in an accident, he employs a mysterious woman named Sue to play the part of his Indian fiancé-the kind his parents will approve of> Bollywooed/Hollywood is a wonderful weave of the cinematic and cultural traditions of West and East. Amid singing, dancing and old fashioned melodrama, we see Mehta's skill in balancing the two cultures that dominate the character's lives; they inhabit a space that is bth Bollywood and Hollywood.


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