Muhr Awards Features
Algeria, France / 2006 / French, Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 96 minutes

Winner of Muhr Arab / Feature /Gold: Djamila Sahraoui (Director)

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When Algeria extremists kidnap an outspoken journalist, his wife Amel (Rachida brakni) starts looking for him, and must come to terms with the life-changing consequences of her search. This road movie involves cars, trucks, buses and donkey-drawn carts. The locations (small towns and villages in inaccessible mountainous areas) are mesmerizing, the characters diverse and rich. What makes the story even more intriguing is the fact that, very unusually for Arab cinema, the protagonist is a woman challenging the state of things. A must-see film, especially for those curious about recent (and not so recent) Algerian social history.


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