Cinema of the World
U.S.A. / 2008 / English dialogue with Arabic subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 170 minutes
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On the eve of World War Two Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), a British aristocrat, inherits a vast cattle station in Northern Australia. When her land is threatened by English settlers, she and grizzled drover (Hugh Jackman) are faced with a gruelling cattle drive, across hundreds of miles of harsh terrain to safety near the city of Darwin. Unfortunately, their eventual arrival coincides with the outbreak of war in the Far East and the Japanese bombing of Darwin. Over the course of the arduous journey, Lady Sarah and the drover become entwined in a grand passion that fires them both with the courage and resolve they need to confront the future. Baz Luhrmann here emulates the scale of classic romances such as 'Gone With The Wind' and 'The English Patient' in this tale of love and adversity in the face of war. With a stellar cast and gorgeous cinematography, 'Australia' does full justice to the rich, fascinating history of the land and people that inspired it.


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