Arabian Nights
U.S.A. / 2007 / English, Arabic, French dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 110 minutes
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AmericanEast is a timely film about Arab-Americans living in post-9/11 Los Angeles. The story examines long-held misunderstandings about Arabic/Islamic culture by mixing dramatic and comic elements to put a human face on a segment of the US population most Americans know nothing about - but who today are of particular interest to them, either from curiosity or suspicion. The story takes an ironic, and sometimes iconoclastic view of Middle East politics and highlights the pressures under which many Arab-Americans now live, by focusing on the points-of-view of three main characters: Mustafa (Sayed Badreya), who wants to open a Middle Eastern restaurant with Jewish friend and client Sam (Tony Shalhoub); Omar (Kais Nashif), a taxi driver and actor who can no longer endure being cast as a terrorist; and Salwah (Sarah Shahi), an enterprising, young professional woman who struggles against her brother's expectations that she submit to a traditional arranged marriage.



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