Khadija Al Salami

Khadija Al-Salami gained her independence at an early age when her family forced her into a marriage at the age of 11. In order to escape family pressure and tradition, she found a job at the local TV station in the afternoons, while pursuing her studies in the mornings. She earned a scholarship at 16 years of age to the United States, where she studied film-making. Her first film, for her thesis, was about women in Yemen. Khadija is an award-winning documentary film maker and Yemen’s first female film director, having made some 20 documentaries for various TV stations in France and Yemen. With her husband, she has written a book, "The Tears of Sheba,” about her experiences growing up in Yemen. Currently she occupies the post of Cultural and Press Counselor and Director of the Communication and Cultural Center at the Embassy of Yemen in Paris.


  • AMINA (Director - 2006)
  • AMINA (Producer - 2006)
  • AMINA (Cinematographer - 2006)
  • AMINA (Scriptwriter - 2006)
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