Identity key theme in student films

Thu Apr 11,2013

This year’s Gulf Students' Shorts Competition offers audiences an insider’s perspective on life in the region, with films that delve into the heart of daily life in the Gulf. The selection of short films shows a clear focus on the film-makers’ messages.

Several of the films in this year’s competition tackle the idea of identity and belonging in unique ways.

In THE INTERVIEW by Saeed Al Emadi, the audience is presented a misconception from a different perspective with the film being structured in a creative way.

In EHFEEDH by Iraqi film-maker Ahmed Al-Diwan, the focus is on an endeavour to find the treasures of Hor Hafeez, taking the audience back to the past, more specifically the Sumerian civilisation; the notion of identity as a theme is seen even in this journey to the past.

Meanwhile, Bader finds solace in poetry as he tries to cope with school in BADER by film-makers Marria Assami, Sarah Al-Saadi and Latifa Al-Darwish.

In BACK SEAT by Hend Alfahhad, changing a driver leads to a crisis and a clash of identities.

Meanwhile, in Hussein al-Maliki’s SLOW DEATH, television is shown to be a device that brings about the death of identity. 

In DROP OUTS (THE SILENT WEAPON) by Emirati director Suqrat Bin Bisher, the film-maker suggests the main problem of identity is related to education. The film explores the high dropout rate in schools and the state of education in the UAE.

The competition segment concludes with Tariq Alkazim's HUDU (QUIET), in which a young boy struggles to face the tragedies in his life and deals with various questions.

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