DIFF Statement

Wed Nov 28,2012

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) embraces the theme of “bridging cultures, meeting minds”, providing a forum for people from different cultures regardless of their race or religion and respects their innate right to have an opinion and express it, whether via the medium of cinema or any form of communication. This is reflected in the choice of films seen, celebrated and supported by the festival.

When DIFF received a number of Syrian film submissions, including those produced by The National Film Organization, they were initially regarded as projects with their own discourse, statements, ideas and visions aiming to shed light on the current Syrian reality whose films, illustrate various approaches to the situation in the region.

However, we cannot ignore that the directors of Mariam, My Last Friend and The Lover signed the “Syrian Filmmakers’ Statement”, issued in May 2011, which called for reformation under the leadership of the president of the republic, and have not retracted their support.

Therefore, in light of the tragic ongoing situation that the people of Syria face every day and, in accordance with the politics of the UAE in advocating the Syrian people and their ambitions, we cannot justify celebrating these films.

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