Detroit Unleaded Screening

Sun Dec 16,2012

Women students from the Higher Colleges of Technology were treated yesterday to a special screening of DETROIT UNLEADED, a film that has been dubbed “the first Arab-American romantic-dramedy.”
After the screening, Rola Nashef, the director of the film, interacted with the students, discussing the casting process and financing considerations for the film. According to her, overall, the film was a “community initiative” that came from the “grassroots level” and most of her staff and crew supported the film because they “believed in the script” as opposed to for the money.
After the Q&A session, Nashef told the Daily that initiatives like this can be really helpful in introducing people to cinema at an early age. It is also helpful for young women to see women directors, she added, “because that’s also rare.”
According to her, it’s surprising that this is the case because when she considers herself, she doesn’t think of herself as a “woman director.”
“It’s like saying she’s a woman doctor, as if there’s something inherent about being a man and directing.” Nashef pointed out that “it is a very male-dominated industry”, which is why it’s important for women to see there are others who are doing it.
“The more institutions and programmes like this there are, the more it’s going to cultivate up-and-coming Arab film-makers, which is something we desperately need.”
Nashef is currently working on her second feature, a family drama/comedy that will centre on four Lebanese girls.

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