What is The Scene Club?

The Scene Club is a monthly film club that highlights the best of international independent cinema and provides a platform for the film industry to come together to celebrate and discuss independent productions.

Every month we organise complimentary events where we showcase an independent feature film/short films from around the world and we invite the film Director or Producer to attend the event and the Q&A session that takes place with the audience at the end of the screening.

The Scene Club has hosted numerous well-known directors from Europe, Asia and the Middle East and has screened films that covered a wide range of genres and topics. You can visit the ARCHIVE and GALLERY sections for a flavor of our past events.

Who is behind The Scene Club?

The Scene Club was founded by Nayla Al Khaja, a well known Emirati Director, Producer and CEO of D-Seven Motion Pictures. It was founded in November 2007 as the UAE’s first official film club and is under the patronage of Dubai International Film Festival.


What are The Scene Club objectives?

Create film awareness in the UAE, particularly towards independent productions.

Create a monthly network for the film industry and provoke productive panel discussions, with the aim of sparking new projects through the club.

Increase film industry participation amongst UAE citizens, residents and in particular the youth.


Where does it take place?

At Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre, in the main Auditorium Hall. (Location Map)

We may however, from time to time, select a different location for special screenings. Any event changes will always be posted on this website, therefore we advise to always check this before attending a screening.


When does it take place?

Once a month, generally during the first week of the month. Exact dates will always be posted on this website. Dates may vary depending on the film Director’s availability or special events, therefore we advise to always check this website before attending a screening.


At what time do the events start?

The Registration Desk, where you pick up your reserved tickets, opens at 7pm.

The feature film stats at 8.00pm.

The Q&A session with the director starts at around 9.30pm (but this will depend on each film duration).

Event timings may change from time to time (e.g. during Ramadan), therefore we advise to always check this website before attending a screening.


How do you get invited to the events?

In order to attend our screening events you simply need to be a registered member of The Scene Club. Visit JOIN THE CLUB to fill in the Registration Form, which will automatically enrol you as a member. As a Scene Club member you will then get monthly updates as to what is showing each month, along with invitations to sign up for tickets.

If you are already a registered member of The Scene Club, you can simply book your tickets on this website by clicking on BOOK YOUR TICKETS on our homepage.


How many tickets can you reserve for the screening?

Each person can book one ticket. Tickets need to be collected from The Scene Club Registration Desk at the Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre on the night of the screening and are on a first come/first served basis, so we encourage all members to arrive as soon as the Registration Desk opens.


How much does it cost to attend?

he event is totally free. You just need to be a registered member of The Scene Club, book your tickets online and pick them up from our Registration Desk on the night of the event.


Can you bring children to the event?

It depends on the film being shown. The movie rating will be clearly shown on our website.


Is there parking at the event location?

Knowledge Village Conference Centre has ample parking just in front of its main entrance and around it. (Location Map)


Can you bring Food and Drink?

Food and drinks can be brought to the networking area, but they will not be allowed into the screening theatre.


How do you recommend a film?

The best way to recommend a film to be screened at The Scene Club is to fill out the form by clicking on SUGGEST A FILM on this website’s Homepage. Your recommendation will go directly to The Scene Club Team, who will get in touch with you regarding the film you recommended.


How can you be a volunteer?

The Scene Club welcomes all volunteers and we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing us at info@thesceneclub.com or alternatively you can email our Executive Assistant directly at susan@d-seven.com.



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