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Variety - Priyanka Chopra: Bollywood’s ‘Wild Cat’

Dec 11,2011 - 03:25 PM


Bollywood thesp Priyanka Chopra has lensed a slew of pics in Dubai throughout her career, but this year marked her first official visit to the Dubai International Film Festival.

Chopra was in town at the fest to promote her new pic ‘Don 2,’ in which she stars with Bollywood sensation Shah Rukh Khan, which sees her reprise her role as Roma, a tough cop and Don’s ‘wild cat.’

‘There’s a real love-hate relationship between Don and Roma in this film,’ Chopra told the Variety Arabia Studio, while adding that this sequel promises to include lots of action and fun for its auds.

On working with Khan, Chopra remarks that it’s always an ‘incredible’ experience.

‘He’s always been one of my favourite actors,’ she says. ‘But when you work with him you realise why because he’s such a team player. The film is what matters most. Not just for his own part but for everyone else’s part so when you’re doing a scene with him, it just makes you want to do better work and you have to stand up to that.’

Chopra has been a star in her native country in India for more than a decade since she nabbed the Miss World kudo in 2000. To date, she has clocked up 38 pics and is currently at work on an English-language music album.

But as yet, she says there are no current plans to segue into the Hollywood system or Western film biz.

‘I love movies,’ she says. ‘It doesn’t matter what language it’s in. But I’m doing great where I am. The audience for Indian movies has been very kind to me and I don’t really have any desperate need to want to be a Hollywood actor or an actor in any other region. But if a great film comes along, why not? Of course I would want to do it. It just matters how right the movie is.’

Upcoming titles from Chopra include ‘Agneepath,’ which unspools in January and sees her play an Indian character who lives in a very lower middle class society and ‘Barfee,’ in which she plays an autistic girl.

Thesp says, throughout her career, she’s been honoured by the ‘love and affection in Dubai and the Middle East for our movies.’

‘It’s so nice to be welcomed to such a warm city,’ she says. ‘Plus it’s an incredible city because whatever you can think of comes true in Dubai. It’s the kind of city where dreams come true and it’s a lovely city to be in.’

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