DIFF Daily 2011

Interview: Corrode

Dec 08,2011 - 10:41 PM

Producer/director Karan Gour and actor Rashika Dugal (actor) discuss ‘Kshay’ (Corrode).

Why is the movie shot in black and white?

Karan Gour: We shot it in black and white because it fits with the narrative. Black and white are opposites and everything Chhaya does is about opposites. The entire movie deals with opposites - between her and her husband, in the way she thinks. They are extremes and that is the reason we wanted to have the movie in black and white. Just like the life of the protagonist, devoid of colour because of her obsession.

Was the film shot in colour or black and white?

KG: We actually shot it in colour, to capture the different shades of green and red and then converted the whole thing to black and white.

Why did you decide to make a psychological thriller?

KG: I didn’t think that it would become a horror or thriller movie when I started it. I knew from the beginning how I wanted it to end, everything else just fell into place on the way to the finish. Every person has an obsession for something – ‘Kshay’ appeals to that aspect of an individual.

Rashika, how did you find the experience of playing this character?

Rashika Dugal: It was actually quite easy to get into the character; I had a lot to learn from it. It was my first role in a film that let me experiment with going to different places with my performance. The dream sequences in the movie were a bit difficult at first, but then Karan told me what the end of my dream was going to be and then we shot with that idea of knowing the end, which made doing them very different.

‘Kshay’ has made it to festivals such as DIFF, but do you think it ‘ll meet with commercial success in India?

KG: They might appreciate it if they watch it, but in India it is difficult to bring audiences out to the multiplexes to watch it. If I put just four black banners with Salman Khan’s name in a big font and the name of the movie at the bottom in a very tiny font, there will still be people flooding the theatres to watch it.

What is the next project you are working on?

KG: It is a something to do with music and psychology, we want to create something different.

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