DIFF Daily 2010

Jury Box

Dec 19,2010 - 06:28 PM

KEBOUR GHENNA, Human Rights Film Network (HRFN)
‘It’s my first time in DIFF and the programme has impressed me, with its organisation and set-up. There is a diverse choice of films to choose from and there is always an element of suspense, of what’s next in the line-up of films to be screened in DIFF.’


‘Looking at the various genres of films that could be portrayed under the Human Rights category, I feel that there is an increasing necessity of such films in our Arab society, where there are many conflicts among countries and other heated issues, events, happening around us that needs to be addressed, for arriving at an appropriate solution. DIFF has now, become a beneficial platform that has, this year, willingly showcased human rights themes to be discussed through art.’


‘It’s a great gift to be able to decide whom to give this award to - but it's a difficult job to do. Most important of all is that you get what the individual is trying to get across. Yes there is a variation, but the movies in our region of the world are broadly similar.
Everyone hopes that there will be a lot of Arabic movies out in the market, to establish an industry based on Arabic cinema, that’s what we need most of all’

ANAND PATWARDHAN, (President) Muhr AsiaAfrica Documentary Jury
‘These documentaries are from different countries, reflecting their culture as well as the filmmakers’ background. It becomes really difficult to compare movies, since the documentaries are actual stories and are about real experiences. That’s the challenge the jury face.’

‘I try to interact with a movie in a realistic manner, in a way which I can relate to it and the characters as a viewer. I want that simple emotional connection with the movie, and of course I do watch it as a filmmaker that is something that is second nature to me, but as a member of the jury all the breaking down comes after.’

DONALD RANVAULD (President) Muhr Arab Documentary Jury

‘I was very aware of Arab cinema in the 1960s and 70s, from Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and now I’ve discovered new directors that I had no idea about and topics that are getting broader. I definitely think there is a need for Arab cinema, so we are able to understand each other better. I think the role of the film festival is fundamental in encouraging a different kind of filmmaking for the world.’

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