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Dec 18,2010 - 01:01 PM

Magic Silver

Katrina Launing and Roar Uthaug say they’re both children at heart and were happy to work on the film ‘Magic Silver’. ‘We have an 8-year-old daughter so we really wanted to make a film that we could watch together with her,’ says Uthaug.
‘We grew up watching the work of Steven Spielberg and it inspires us to make films. This film gave us the opportunity to praise the art of filmmaking and also create something for our daughter and children of her age,’ says Launing.

Magic Silver at DIFF
Today at 15:00 at MOE 1

We Don’t Care About Democracy. This Is What We Want : Love,Hope and It’s Many Faces
A surreal, symbolic short film that features a couple, lying in bed talking about various subjects that includes democracy. ‘I thought of this movie when I was shooting for my third film in a faraway land,’ says John Torres. ‘The film was born from my personal experience with my girlfriend and me. The film is shown as a talk between the mother country and its patriotic people. The dialogues in this film are very close to my heart. I chose to make a film based on democracy, because I wanted to simplify democracy into situations that are relevant to the youth and reveal it as a face of hope and love to the people.’
Speaking about his experience at DIFF, Torres says, ‘It’s a splendid feeling to network with filmmakers from different countries of the world. It’s lovely to be part of this grand festival. I want people to come to watch my film with an open mind, and welcome new modes of storytelling. And, I hope to interact with them, as well.’
We Don’t Care About Democracy. This Is What We Want: Love, Hope and Its Many Faces at DIFF
Today at 12:15 at MOE 5

The House Under Water
‘The screenplay of this film is an adaptation of three short stories of Bijan Najdi, a significant contemporary Iranian writer and poet. From his stories, I thought of depicting two of his characters and make a film. I like his books very much and that’s how the idea of this movie was formulated,’ says Sepideh Farsi.
‘The film was predominantly shot during the winter. Therefore, the main challenge was to film the water sequences, as the actors found it tough to shoot.’
Describing her experience at DIFF, Farsi says, ‘I had a great experience being here last year. Hence, I thought to be here again. Secondly, it’s the best and the closest medium of catering to the Arab world and especially to my fellow Iranians, because it a movie that’s emotionally important.’
The House Under Water at DIFF
Today at 15:15 at MOE 6

RICHARD DESPRES (co-art director)
Eleanor’s Secret

As part of the Cinema for Children programme, ‘Eleanor’s Secret’ is director Dominque Monféry’s debut at DIFF. ‘The movie is very original and has a lot of depth’, says Richard Despres, co-art director of the movie. ‘It combines elements from two worlds; an artistic eye for quality and Disney’s method of how to tell a story.’
‘The movie is great for kids especially if they don’t like reading like the character in the movie, they will enjoy the adventure and the music as well. Overall I think it is a very powerful script,’ he says.
Eleanor’s Secret at DIFF
Today at 18:00 at JBR The Walk

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