DIFF Daily 2010

bridging cultures

Dec 16,2010 - 12:26 PM

It’s Cultural Bridge Day at DIFF, a day where we celebrate the international aspect of the Festival and its motto of ‘Bridging Cultures, Meeting Minds’. To get a sense of what this meant to DIFF guests and volunteers, we went out and about around DIFF Headquarters yesterday with notebooks in hand, to ask you what the concept of a ‘Cultural Bridge’ meant to you. And this is what you told us…
ULSA BHATIA and FAIZA SYED (DIFF Volunteers, India)
‘Different films across the world help in bridging cultures. It’s more entertaining to witness other cultures through films rather than listen to it being discussed in a lecture.’
MAUNDA BAHGAT (Journalist, Egypt)
‘You get to meet different people from cultures and you get exposure to watch different cinema and network with people from various nations.’
ANJA (Guest, Germany)
‘I’m not from here, so I want to see peoples’ different cultures and lives.’
RUI TENDHINA (Journalist, Portugal)
‘There is a network of industry, press and talent that all combines to build up such a unique event as DIFF. It is so organised that nothing fails and it feels like magic.’
‘DIFF really speaks for itself, in the sense that it bridges cultures by showing movies from different parts of the world.’
SAUAD HOUSSEIN (Guest, France)
‘Cinema is the most important medium in portraying cultures through a natural setting.’
MOHAMED HEFZY (Director ‘Microphone’, Executive Producer ‘Removal’, Egypt)

‘Movies are a great way to depict cultures, with the impact stories can have to cross borders. DIFF is an excellent opportunity for people to get exposure to various kinds of cinema and a great place to be’.
NAMATETELLAH HUSSEIN (Film Critic & Journalist, Egypt)
‘When the end of the year comes around and I’ve been to all the film festivals, I think to myself - I’m not going to watch any more new movies. But then I come to DIFF and I see movies which haven’t played anywhere else in the world, and this is what gives DIFF its outstanding reputation’.

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