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Capital Regions for Cinema seeks to expand connections in new regions

Dec 16,2010 - 11:43 AM

The Capital Regions for Cinema (CRC) network aims to develop international co-production by drawing on the experience and resources of four European bodies: the Berlin-based Medienboard film fund and the film commissions of Ile de France in Paris, Roma-Lazio and Madrid. Representatives of the four organisations made a presentation to the Dubai Film Market at DIFF yesterday before holding networking sessions with delegates and we caught up with them later on.

‘In themselves, Rome, Berlin, Paris and Madrid are international cities so we’re very open to cooperation with regions around the world,’ says Medienboard’s Teresa Hoefert de Turégano. ‘We already have strong links with Latin America, with New York, with Hong Kong.’

‘We created this network five years ago and have the twenty-first meeting in Berlin in February,’ says Cecile Petit of the Ile de France film commission. ‘We’re beginning to be recognised by producers as a place to connect. Sometimes a producer from France with Project A meets a producer from, say, Spain, with Project B. Together, instead of A or B, they’ll create Project C.’

DIFF is a chance for CRC to expand its connections in new regions, with potential benefits for European and regional producers. ‘DIFF is a good opportunity for our producers to find links here that we don’t usually have in Italy with places like Egypt and Lebanon,’ notes Tina Bianchi from the film commission of Rome and its region. ‘And there are certainly opportunities for producers to come to Italy – there are tax credits that we hope will be renewed that can be shared with international partners.’

‘I know a lot of festivals and markets and the organisation is amazing and so careful,’ says Petit. ‘It allows people to meet and communicate in the best way in a very comfortable space. It’s a place to meet people from very special regions like Asia and India. We’re talking to people from Egypt and Jordan. And we know this is important to some of our European producers who are definitely looking for producers in this region. This is getting to be a very important production region.’

Bianchi also feels Dubai has benefits beyond DIFF. ‘It’s an important international hub and an important link to other locations in the region. It’s useful that there are already many Europeans here – if you go to a region where there are no links you can get lost. It takes longer to get to know the rules and the customs. When there’s a big international community, it’s easier.’

CRC holds four networking meetings a year, each with a special guest country – at Cannes this year it was Egypt. ‘Perhaps Dubai or the Gulf region could be the guest at a future meeting,’ Bianchi suggests.

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