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SALAM to DIFF’s Cultural Bridge Day

Dec 16,2010 - 11:41 AM

DIFF hosts its ‘Salam – Cultural Bridge Day’ today with the objective of promoting intercultural dialogue and reflecting the credo of the Festival, ‘Bridging Cultures. Meeting Minds.’ The huge potential of cinema as a means of bridging cultures and meeting minds has been central to the growth of DIFF since its inception in 2004. And as the Festival has grown, in line with its wonderfully diverse and cosmopolitan home city, the concept of the Cultural Bridge has remained paramount to its philosophy. And whereas previous editions of DIFF have featured panel discussions and special screenings, 2010, sees the Cultural Bridge supercharged into a day of city-wide celebration of film, culture and art.

Today, the Festival is screening a special selection of films from across all the programmes, all of which reflect the pluralist ethos embodied by ‘Cultural Bridge’. These are marked accordingly in the Festival Catalogue, online and in Page 4 of today’s DIFF Daily.

‘Salam - Cultural Bridge Day is a significant component of the Festival, highlighting our commitment to promote universal harmony through intercultural dialogue. With over 190 nationalities, Dubai is uniquely positioned to foster dialogue, and Cultural Bridge Day is a perfect fit to the ethos of the city and the Festival. The new additions of the Peace Wall and the photo booths will further drive the participation of the public making DIFF a true community event,’ says Masoud Amralla Al Ali, Artistic Director, DIFF.

DIFF has teamed up with a number of local art galleries across Dubai, to reflect the astonishing quality and variety of contemporary and Modern art from across the Middle East to be found in the city. Dubai’s art scene has flourished in recent years, with more and more renowned artists from across the region choosing to work and exhibit in the city.

Bridging art and audience participation sees one of Dubai’s leading art spaces, thejamjar bring a ‘Peace Wall’ to DIFF’s new venue at JBR ‘The Walk’, which is hosting a series of colourful events to mark the day. Global Village is presenting some of this season’s most exciting international street entertainment. A complete listing of the day’s proceedings is available on Page 4 of today’s DIFF Daily.

There’s also an opportunity for Festival guests to engage with authentic Emirati culture with a visit to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding, a centre that is dedicated to explaining the culture and tradition of the UAE, in a relaxed, informal and informative way. The visit includes a tour of a mosque and a free and easy chat, in which visitors are encouraged to ask about any aspect of life in the city.

As the Festival’s official newspaper, today’s DIFF Daily is dedicated to the spirit of ‘Salam – Cultural Bridge Day’. Open your mind. Open your world.

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