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Interview with Khalil Dreifus Zaarour - around the world at DIFF

Dec 15,2010 - 11:46 AM

Malaki – Scent of an Angel
‘Malaki – Scent of an Angel’ is the debut docu-drama of Lebanese filmmaker Khalil Dreifus Zaarour and is in competition in the Muhr Arab Documentary category at DIFF. “It was difficult, tough… It was emotional and surreal, surrounded by real stories, real people who have been suffering 25 to 30 years, they have had their fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, their beloved, either missing, kidnapped, deducted, or detained with no real knowledge of their whereabouts even to this day.” The movie is about the story of the mothers whose children have vanished and their continuing campaign for truth and justice. It’s a story about the emotion and human drama, far removed from political conflicts and ideologies. “I need exposure, it’s what matters to me, I want it to be viewed as many people as possible, I want the message out there.”
Malaki – Scent of an Angel at DIFF
December 16 at 19:00 at MOE 1
December 19 at 12:30 at MOE 1

Nomad’s Home
Nomad’s Home is Egyptian filmmaker, Iman Kamel’s expedition to the far-away regions of a militarised Sinai Peninsula in Egypt where she meets up with a local Bedouin and a social entrepreneur, Selema in a small village around the shadows of Moses mountains. “I often used to travel to Sinai and it was always my dream and a passion to explore and make a film on Sinai, every since I was 16-years old.”
“The idea of making a film based on Bedouin women came later but my intention was to give a cinematographic expression of women. I’m a baby of DIFF, as I have been a part of the Festival for the last three years. Hence, I chose to screen my film here. I’m very thankful to DIFF to partially fund some aspects of my film. I hope people go to watch it to be inspired by the enormous energy that the movie conveys”.

Nomad’s Home at DIFF
December 16 at 22:15 at MOE 7
December 18 at 12:30 at MOE 7
‘Microphone’ is Ahmed Abdalla’s second feature and set in the underground scene of Alexandria. “I obsessed with the topic of freedom of expression that Egyptians enjoy even though they face a lot of difficulties. As I walked through the streets of Alexandria I discovered many graffiti works and artists, so I decided to make the movie.”
Promoting contemporary artists Abdalla says, “Traditional and modern music can never erase each other, they can co-exist and more so be entwined in each other to create art.”
Microphone at DIFF
Tonight at 22:30 at First Group Theatre
December 17 at 20:00 at JBR The Walk. The screening at JBR The Walk will be followed by a live performance by Massar Egbari (rock fusion) and Y-Crew (hip hop).

Mynaa - Journey of Love
A low-budget movie with a fresh cast to add beauty to the storyline, this film is centered on a love story that evolves from the life of a man, who has been continuously struggling because of being arrested. ‘Suruli’ portrayed by Vidarth, frees himself from the confines of the jail to marry his love ‘Mynaa’ enacted by Amala. “I wanted to be different from other Indian filmmakers and their usual comedy-song-dance sequence. So, I decided to make this movie, which to some might seem as an offbeat film.”
“I made this film after being inspired by an incident that took place in my neighbourhood. I added a creative angle to the incident and brought on a psychological layer. The film has a strong storyline that would keep the audience gripped on their seats. It’s an interesting film and will keep the curiosity levels high to know what’s going to happen right from the very beginning of the film.”
Mynaa - Journey of Love at DIFF
December 16 at 15:45 at MOE 12

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