DIFF Daily 2010

Networking at Dubai Film Market

Dec 13,2010 - 03:58 PM

Dubai Film Market Networking Sessions last an hour. Each Networking Session is broken up into three 20-minute periods. The overall idea is to provide opportunities for "icebreaking" which allow delegates to make new business relationships with key industry professionals in an informal setting.
Each delegate will have the opportunity to meet three different industry experts per session and introduce themselves to/have conversations with them.
Doors open at 16:30 on all days except Monday and Friday, when the sessions start at 17:00.
Key industry experts each sit at/host a different table with a moderator.
Delegates choose a table quickly, sit down and join the expert for a discussion.
Experts introduce themselves and share their qualifications, experience in the industry and the company they are representing.
Delegates are then free to ask general questions on the expert's area of expertise as well as brief questions about how their project may relate to the expert.
After 20 minutes, a bell will ring. Delegates move on to another table. After the third 20-minute session, the entire networking session is over for the day.
Networking Etiquette
DO choose quickly, move quickly, ask quickly, get up quickly.
DO ask brief and direct questions.
DO recognise that the sessions are for networking and not pitching.
DO adhere to time limits. When the bill is rung, no matter where you are in the conversation, please move on to the next table. You can continue your conversation later on at the Festival.
DO be courteous and remain at your chosen table. It is not polite to excuse yourself before the 20 minutes are over.
DO have a good time. Engage, ask good questions and make new connections.
DO ensure all delegates get to interact with the maximum number of experts in a minimum amount of time.
DO NOT monopolise the discussions at the table.
DO NOT feel the pressure to conduct all of your business at the sessions.

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