DIFF Daily 2010

Festival shines spotlight on Mexico

Dec 13,2010 - 03:47 PM

The current resurgence of Mexican film culture has returned the nation’s cinema to the international forefront. DIFF 2010’s In Focus strand highlights four of the industry’s latest titles – all regional premieres – and revives a classic title from the nation’s exceptionally rich cinematic heritage.
From veteran director Felipe Cazals comes ‘Chicogrande’, a John Ford-influenced account of revolutionary leader Pancho Villa’s attempted invasion of New Mexico in 1916. Ignacio Ortiz Cruz’s ‘El Mar Muerto’ (The Dead Sea) takes a noir-style look at a night of prostitution, murder and redemption in contemporary Mexico City. With unprecedented access to Mexico’s legal and prison systems, Roberto Hernández and Geoffrey Smith’s shocking documentary ‘Presunto Culpable’ (Presumed Guilty) tells the story of one of many young men convicted of murder on flimsy evidence. And ‘A Tiro de Piedra’ (A Stone’s Throw Away), the debut feature from Sebastián Hiriart, examines Mexicans’ fascination with the United States through the story of a disaffected young shepherd. The strand also includes ‘Enamorada’ – Emilio Fernandez’s 1946 masterpiece of Mexican Golden Age cinema combining history, romance, satire and adventure – and today’s industry panel, ‘Y tu Mexico Tambien’, focusing on Mexico’s approach to regional co-production and Hollywood.

Ben Walters



‘Y tu Mexico Tambien’ – Industry Panel
Today at 14:30 in the Film Forum Room at DIFF Headquarters

Tonight at 19:00 at MOE 1

The Dead Sea
December 14 at 19:00 at MOE 10
December 15 at 16:00 at MOE 11

Presumed Guilty
Tonight at 21:30 at MOE 10
December 14 at 15:45 at MOE 7

A Stone’s Throw Away
December 14 at 21:45 at MOE 11
December 15 at 12:45 at MOE 8

December 15 at 20:00 at JBR, The Walk
Film Screening followed by Mariachi band concert

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