Projects in Development

A Plane for my Soul by Maythem Ridha / United Kingdom - Iraq / 7th Heaven Films
Representatives: Maythem Ridha, Manda Popat

The Confession (doc.) by Eliane Raheb / Lebanon / ITAR Productions Representatives: Eliane Raheb, Nizar Hassan

Dance of Outlaws (doc.) by Mohamed El Aboudi / Finland - Morocco / Road Movies Ltd.
Representatives: Mohamed El Aboudi, Timo Korhonen

Free Men by Ismaël Ferroukhi / France - Morocco / Pyramide Productions Representatives: Ismaël Ferroukhi, Stéphane Parthenay

Machos by Rami Kodeih / Lebanon / 961 Productions Representatives: Rami Kodeih, Lara Fadel

The Making Of by Mahdi Fleifel / United Kingdom - Palestine / Escape Films Representatives: Mahdi Fleifel, Purnima Ramadorai

Off Frame (doc.) by Mohanad Yaqubi / Palestine / Idioms Film Representatives: Mohanad Yaqubi, Ihab Jadallah

Playground’s Stories by Brahim Fritah / France - Morocco / Futurikon Representatives: Brahim Fritah, Philippe Delarue

Smile, you’re in Jeddah by Ahd Kamel / Saudi Arabia - Egypt / ART Representatives: Ahd Kamel, Layaly Badr

The Son of the Sea by Najat Jellab / Morocco - France - Canada / New Tree Productions
Representatives: Najat Jellab, Farida Fdani

Tislit by Hicham Falah / Morocco - France / Arizona Films
Representatives: Hicham Falah, Guillaume de Seille

UpSide Down by Ahmad Ghossein / Lebanon / Wide Services and Consultancy
Representatives: Ahmad Ghossein, Marwan Alaily

Yasmeen by Amin Matalqa / Jordan / Sandbag Productions
Representatives: Amin Matalqa, Fadi Sarraf

Work in Progress Projects

Full House by Marianne Khoury & Mustapha Hasnaoui / Egypt / Misr International Films Representatives: Marianne Khoury, Mustapha Hasnaoui

Beit Sha’ar (Nomad’s Home) by Iman Kamel / Egypt / Semat Cairo
Representatives: Iman Kamel, Talal Al-Muhanna

Zindeeq by Michel Khleifi / Palestine / Sindibad Films Limited
Representatives: Michel Khleifi, Omar Al-Qattan

2009 Winners

DIFF Award of USD 25 000

Off Frame



Cannes Producers Network

Ihab Jadallah

Fadi Sarraf

Tala Al-Muhanna

Dima Al Ansari

Georges Schoucair

International Relations ARTE Award of 6000 Euros

Free Men

Bahrain Film Production Company Development Award of USD 10 000

The Making Of

Desert Door DIFF Work in Progress Award of USD 25 000


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