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Tue Dec 7, 2004 Regional, International Filmmakers Put Arab World Under the Lens

Dubai, December 7, 2004 It may be virtually impossible to capture the complexity and diversity of the Arab world in one film, but it is certainly possible to do so with a range of films focusing on different aspects of that world. With its 13 films – 10 of which are making their Gulf premieres

Tue Dec 7, 2004 Morgan Freeman underscores the importance of cinema in creating tolerance amongst varied cultures

Dubai, December 7, 2004 One of Hollywood’s most loved actors, Morgan Freeman pointed out the power of cinema in fostering understanding and tolerance amongst varied cultures of the world. He appreciated the organisation of the inaugural Dubai International Film Festival and stressed that this could be an ideal vehicle to bridge global cultural divides. “Film is best

Mon Dec 6, 2004 Curtain Rises On Dubai’s First Film Festival

Dubai, December 6, 2004 Two years of exhaustive preparations for the first Dubai International Film Festival culminated in grand style last night as international celebrities, regional stars and UAE VIPs walked up the 40-metre long red carpet at the Madinat Jumeirah Arabian Resort prior to the opening gala screening. Lit up by sky trackers and a

Sun Dec 5, 2004 Arab Stars Flock to Dubai’s Inaugural Film Festival

More than 70 top-rated Arab actors, producers and directors from Egypt, Syria and Kuwait have arrived in Dubai for the inaugural Dubai International Film Festival, Festival organizers announced yesterday

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