Abdulhamid Juma

Chairman, The Managment

Abdulhamid Juma Abdulhamid Juma was part of the initial team that founded the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) in 2004, and was appointed Chairman in 2006. His involvement with independent Arab and GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) cinema led to his becoming a driving force behind the Gulf Film Festival, an annual event that showcases the best in regional cinema to a local and international audience under his Chairmanship.His work towards stimulating Arab Cinema led to his being named the third most influential figure in Arab Cinema today by Good News Group, and he is well-known in film and culture circles in the Emirates as being a prominent supporter, critic, friend and enthusiast. He sits on the board of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and lends counsel on cultural projects in the Emirates in his efforts to stimulate a thriving arts culture in the UAE.In helping to establish DIFF as the world-class event it is today, Abdulhamid was guided by the belief that through the language of film and art, cultural divides could be narrowed and bridged with tolerance and understanding. From his ongoing personal pursuit of diverse international cultural trends, he possesses an eclectic taste in cinema, incorporating varied genres, languages and styles, blending with his interest in music, poetry, sculpture, painting and other art forms.His business insight has been as central to his success as his cultural outlook. Abdulhamid is also the Deputy Director General of Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA), with the responsibility of generating a thriving knowledge economy in Dubai. His involvement grew out of an earlier assignment as Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Media City (DMC). His previous assignments include senior management positions at Dubai Internet City, Citibank and Jebel Ali Free Zone.He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a certificate in General Management from Harvard Business School.

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