What makes an Aflamnah “crowdfunding” success story?

Sun Mar 30,2014

What makes an Aflamnah “crowdfunding” success story?

By Vida Rizq – Co-Founder, Aflamnah

Searching for Saris, a project that was selected by DIFF's production support program, Enjaaz, crowdfunded on Aflamnah last year to raise additional funding for post production and quickly became yet another of our hero projects.

The Aflamnah team were so impressed with Jinan Coulter's crowdfunding campaign that we spent time analyzing why her Palestinian documentary was such a runaway crowdfunding success. Why did it surpass its original target of $11,100 within 11 days?  And then reach her stretch goal of $19,100 and still have contributions coming in after the end of the campaign?

It was clear that the Palestinian topic of the documentary was one that galvanizes and moves people. Nevertheless, it was her campaign that was the winner. We were watching Jinan’s campaign closely and the following things stood out. She took control of her crowdfunding campaign and knew her success was in her hands. She succeeded because she had a plan, she was dedicated and spent time rallying support.

Click here to watch a trailer for the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_v66iyuDyk

The campaign was very personal and she treated her supporters as individuals rather than a group. Jinan also listened and took heed of feedback she was getting but most importantly, Jinan’s network really believed in her and were happy to support, give money and also ask their friends to participate.

All in all, Jinan was a perfect crowdfunder! Determined, passionate, and talented! She deserved to succeed and we were thrilled to watch her premeire her film in Dubai in December.


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