Mohammed Jaber: A man of many talents

Tue Mar 19,2013

Mohammed Jaber: A man of many talents

He has performed in over 37 plays on stage and appeared on the small screen in more than 60 drama series. Oh, and all the while, he has been a prolific scriptwriter. The renowned Kuwaiti actor and writer Mohammed Jaber will be honoured at the sixth edition of the Gulf Film Festival (GFF) this April.

Jaber has spent most of his life either on stage, in front of the camera or at his desk. The award recognises his achievements but also emphasises the place he holds in the hearts of audiences across the region. 

A whole generation of Gulf residents were brought up watching Jaber shift from one role to the next as he made them laugh, cry and partake in his hopes and fears. Yet, it was only while playing the role of Alaidrosi that he was able to identify himself with the character.

He has starred in everything from the television series Memories of Bu’alewy (1964), in which he co-starred with Abdul Hussein Abdul Redha and Abdul Aziz Alnimish to the 1965 play Igtanim Zamank (Seize Your Time) . The last role he played was in ASSALHIYA (directed by Sadek  Behbehani), which was screened at last year’s GFF.

Jaber is an artist who has devoted his entire life to the arts and creativity.


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