Meet The Programmers: Myrna Maakaron

Tue Dec 03,2013

Myrna Maakaron is a Lebanese film-maker and actress. After studying film-making in Beirut, she pursued theatre at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her last film as a director, BERLINBEIRUT, was presented at more than 100 festivals and won several awards. As an actress, she has appeared in several Arabic films. Myrna won the first prize of the Samsung Smartfilm Award 2013 during the Berlinale with her film THAT'S THE WAY IT IS. In 2014, she is invited to be the mentor of the documentary Smartfilm Award 2014 competition. Currently, she is developing a 3D documentary between Berlin and Beirut and working on her first feature film PINK produced by NiKoFilm Germany.

All time Top 10

1. CINEMA PARADISO (1988) by Giuseppe Tornatore

2. MIRACLE OF MARCELINO (1955) by Ladislao Vajda

3. PERFECT SENSE (2011) by David Mackenzie

4. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) by Wong Kar-Wai

5. DANCER IN THE DARK (2000) by Lars von Trier

6. BLUE VALENTINE (2010) by Derek Cianfrance

7. THE NOTEBOOK (2004) by Nick Cassavetes

8. TAXI DRIVER (1976) by Martin Scorsese

9. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (1997) by Roberto Benigni

10. AMÉLIE (2001) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet


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