Mon Nov 25,2013

The inaugural IWC Filmmakers Award last year went to Maysoon Pachachi, who received $100,000 towards her project Nothing Doing in Baghdad, a drama set during the Iraqi capital in the violent latter stages of 2006. With the second award upon us and Cate Blanchettonce again heading to Dubai to head up the jury, we thought we’d catch up with the Iraqi director in London to see where the film is currently at.

What has happened since winning the award last year?

We’ve spent a lot of time, my producers and I, working on the film’s co-production structure. We now have two French film producers and we’ve done a lot of applications for funding. We’ve also received an EU development grand which was quite substantial.

How helpful was the IWC award to the project?

It was wonderful because it was the first bit of funding that we got so really kick-started everything. It’s an unusual project so I think people are quite hesitant. But the award raised the profile of the film, especially because of the jury of Cate Blanchett, Olivier Père and Masoud Amralla Al Ali.

How close are you to starting production?

We’re getting there. Our idea is to try to shoot at the end of 2014, in about a year’s time. There are some more production applications going in, so I don’t think we’ll be in a position to really know until the spring.

What would you say to this year’s nominees for the awards?

I’m not the recipient of that many awards, but I suspect any award you get, you need to be a bit level headed about it. The point is that it’s just a tool. It was a tremendous encouragement, but there’s still a lot of hard graft to go.

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