How to enhance the viewing experience – and tackle piracy

Sat Dec 15,2012

Producers have to strive to add value to films and give consumers a reason to go out and watch movies, The Film Agency CEO Sarah Calderón said in a session here at DIFF on Tuesday.
Adding value to films, a concept gaining popularity in recent years, is key towards combating piracy, Calderón said in the session titled “How to Market Your Film – Producers: A Film Marketing Strategy.” She pointed towards the decline of cinema as a social experience, stressing that films should give consumers incentives to “go out and not download.”
While producers may not be able to control the final price of their film, value-adding is within their reach, according to Calderón. She also discussed other strategies that film-makers could use to promote their works such as organising events to enhance the viewing experience.
Colombia-born Calderón, who owns the Madrid-based film marketing company The Film Agency, outlined the 4P’s strategy for producers to use in the development and production stages of their films: product, price, place, and promotion. She spoke about the importance of benchmarking as a marketing tool by means of which producers could analyse previous films similar in concept to theirs and understand past successes or failures.
Central to the marketing process is defining the target audience of a film. Calderón told the audience of mostly producers and directors to describe the target audience as completely as possible, providing examples of subcultures and niches that advertisers use to classify audiences such as DINK (Dual Income with No Kids) or Yuppies (Young Urban Professional People).
After conducting research, producers can formulate a marketing strategy which should be reflected in the messages they send out about the film, Calderón said.  She drove home the importance of strong film marketing by telling the audience that it was simply “not worth to make a film and not allocate a marketing budget.”

Jerusha Sequeira is a participant in the DIFF Young Journalist Award programme.

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