Lara Saba’s BLIND INTERSECTIONS in Beirut cinemas now

Tue Mar 05,2013


Lara Saba’s BLIND INTERSECTIONS is currently screening in cinemas across Lebanon. The film, which explores significant social issues affecting Lebanese society, was first screened in the Dubai International Film Festival in 2012 as part of the Arabian Nights programme.

The film deals with tough subjects such as drugs, prostitution and child molesting and revolves around the lives of three characters based in Beirut. The characters’ paths cross, despite them being unacquainted, and audiences are exposed to scenarios wherein each character’s decisions inadvertently affects the lives of the others.

The three protagonists are from different social backgrounds and although saddled with their own problems, continue to have hopes and aspirations. Noor (Ghida Nouri) has lost her family in a car accident that turned her life upside down. India (Carol Haj) has a comfortable life lacking in only one way – she yearns for a child. Marwan (Alaa Hammoud) is 12-years-old and lives with his alcoholic mother, until he decides to escape from the physical and emotional abuse that dominates his life. The film shines a light on the world of these characters, exploring their actions when their lives fall apart and the outcome of a series of events and decisions.
BLIND INTERSECTIONS opened in cinemas on February 21.

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