Abdullah Hassan Ahmed

Sun Mar 10,2013

Abdullah Hassan Ahmed ready with new film script

The renowned Emirati director seeks funding for RAIN PASSAGE COMPANION

Emirati director Abdullah Hassan Ahmed has nearly completed the screenplay for his latest movie RAIN PASSAGE COMPANION.

Ahmed, a well-known name in the Emirati film scene, has played a key role in the UAE’s cinema movement.  He has directed several short films such as: THE NAIL (2002); ALMRIHANA (2003); YAHOO (2004); AMEN (2005); THE RISE OF THE DOING (2005); SUMMER BIRDS (2007); and TENBAK (2008, Best Short Film at Gulf Film Festival). 

RAIN PASSAGE COMPANION is a two-minute short film. Ahmed doesn’t reveal much about the project, saying that the screenplay needs some final touches before it is ready. However, he does point out that he is looking for financial backing for the film.

Ahmed is an all-round industry professional and has worked in all aspects of film-making.  As a scriptwriter, his accolades include the Best Script prize at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2006. He  is also involved in production through his firm, the Faradees Group, which has produced many Emirati films.

Other talented Emirati directors that have worked alongside Ahmed to produce their films through Faradees include Waleed Al Shehhi, Khalid Mahmood, Ali Al-Jabri, Nawaf Al-Janahi and Maryam Al Serkal.

Donning the hat of producer, Ahmed says: "Yes I consider them my films because I work on them whole-heartedly,” adding that “Faradees is open to all Emirati film-makers.”

When discussing the film industry in the Gulf, Ahmed is optimistic. "A good Gulf film raises the bar for the industry in the region and for the movies that follow; we can continue following up with world cinema but it is the new movies from our region that pave the way for the next ones.” 

“Films such as WADJDA (directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour) are sure to challenge Gulf film-makers to strive for their very best.  The film is good and presents a distinctive narrative model that addresses all types of audiences.”

He adds that the Gulf Film Festival is the only true platform for new talent in Gulf cinema. He notes that the diverse competitions showcase the advancement in the Gulf film industry. "It is the most important film festival for me and I'm pleased that my film (TENBAK) is the first short film that won in the Gulf competition. It is the festival I started with,” he adds.

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