Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

The film titles THE GENTLEMAN, THE CAPTAIN and THE MAGICIAN aptly describe the star actor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (born 1946) who has proven himself to be a little of all three throughout his career. His authentic nobility has been a constant and clearly reflects on how he epitomizes the term gentleman. 

Abdel Aziz has also been a pioneer in Arab cinema, acting like the captain of a ship surrounded by tempests. The characters he embodieds dived deep into reality, as we see with Jamal in EL KEIF (1985) and Abdurrahman in RIVER OF FEAR (1988), who is an Arab citizen who is thought to be guilty even after being proven innocent.  Another unforgettable character is Shiekh Husni from KIT KAT (1991).

And after seeing him in 48 different films, describing him as a magician is easy. He may not bring out colourful flowers out of his hat, but he has created an everlasting impact on the hearts of all his fans. , The grace with which he moves from one role and era to another and the emotions he captures in all the roles he plays is truly magical.

Abdul Aziz is often referred to as the son of Alexandria. He made his debut with THE GRANDSON (1974), getting his first lead role in TILL THE END OF LIFE (1975). He has even studied agronomy, but all that he has planted is joy in the hearts of his many fans while harvesting their love.

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