DFC Selected Projects & Winners


Projects in Development

A Long Film on Sorrow by Tamer El Said / Egypt - Iraq / Zero Productions - Judea Productions
Representatives: Tamer El Said, Maggie Morgan

Amreeka by Cherien Dabis / Palestine - Canada - Kuwait / First Generation Films - Al Jude Productions
Representatives: Cherien Dabis, Christina Piovesan, Al Zain Al Sabah

City That Cares, The by Ali Mostafa / United Arab Emirates / AFM Films - Film Works Representatives: Ali Mostafa, Tim Smythe

Every Day is a Holiday by Dima El Horr / Lebanon - France / Orjouane Productions - Cine Sud Promotion
Representatives: Dima El Horr, Sabine Sidawi Hamdan, Thierry Lenouvel

Eye of the Phoenix by Mai Masri / Egypt - Lebanon / MISR International Films - Nour Productions Representatives: Mai Masri, Marianne Khoury

Fix Me (doc.) by Raed Andoni / Palestine - Switzerland / Dar Films Production - Akka Films
Representatives: Raed Andoni, Palmyre Badinier

Jackie and the 40 Yellow Cabs by Mahmoud Al Massad / Jordan - The Netherlands / Jo Image - iSee Film
Representatives: Mahmoud Al Massad, Jackie Sawiris

Man in the Middle by Ziad Doueiri / Lebanon - France - USA / 3B Productions - Process Films Representatives: Ziad Doueiri, Jean Brehat, Tim Perell

Man without a Cell Phone by Sameh Zoabi / Palestine - Germany / Black Forest Films
Representatives: Sameh Zoabi, Christoph Hahnheiser

Messages from the Sea by Daoud Abdel Sayed / Egypt - Germany / Deogin Production - Mec Film - Collage Film
Representatives: Daoud Abdel Sayed, Ihab Ayoub Ismail

MetroSufi (doc.) by Mahmoud Kaabour / Lebanon - Germany / EuroArts
Representatives: Mahmoud Kaabour, Paul Smaczny

One-Man Village, The (doc.) by Simon El Habre / Lebanon - Germany / Beirut DC - Mec Film
Representatives: Simon El Habre, Jad Abi Khalil, Irit Neidhardt

Path of the Fig Trees, The by Meyar Al Roumi / Syria - France / Bizibi Representatives: Meyar Al Roumi, Jérôme Bleitrach

Port of Memory (doc.) by Kamal Aljafari / Palestine - Germany / Mec Film Representatives: Kamal Aljafari, Irit Neidhardt, Levon Melikian

Um-Hussein by Mohamed Al Daradji / Iraq - Great Britain / Iraq Al Rafidain - Human Film Representatives: Mohamed Al Daradji, Atia Al Daradji, Isabelle Stead

2007 Winners

DIFF Award of USD 25,000


Man Without a Cell Phone

One Man Village

Cannes Producers Network

Christina Piovesan

Jean Brehat

Christoph Hahnheiser

Irit Neidhardt

International Relations ARTE Prize of €5000

Fix Me

Special Mention

Man in the Middle

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