Erfan Rashid

Director, Arabic Programme

As director of the Festival’s Arab programme, Erfan builds its annual showcase of excellence in Arab cinema and ensures the Festival maintains its finger on the pulse of the Arab world.A festival veteran, accomplished director and celebrated journalist, Erfan maintains close relationships with filmmakers, industry professionals and a network of talent-spotters covering the Arabian Peninsula, Levant, Maghreb and North Africa and in Arab communities abroad to ensure the Festival mirrors the strengths of the Arab filmmaking fraternity.His distinguished career includes spells as Artistic Director of the ‘Mare di Cinema Arabo’ festival in Messina, and President of ‘Tammuz Verba Manent’ cultural association. He also serves as a consultant for a number of festivals and cultural events in Italy and across the Arab world.Erfan previously served as editor of the Italian channel Rai Med and editor-in-chief of the Arabic desk of Adn Kronos International. Experienced in both broadcast and print journalism, he has worked with Al Hurra TV, France 24, Deutche Welle and Radio Montecarlo, and is currently Italian correspondent for Al Hayat, LBC and Al Bayan. A theatre graduate from the Academy of Arts in Baghdad, Erfan has authored a number of documentaries in Arabic, English and Italian.

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